Simple Cipher

I've created a program that ciphers txt files with the chosen cipher.


The cipher program is run from the command line with the arguments needed for the program to run. You use the program as follows:

"./TXTCrypter.exe [textfile path] [Cipher Method] [Key]"


How does the simple cipher work?

The current version of the cipher program doesn't have a form of UI yet and has to be used from the command line. Once the user entered the command in the command line the program will execute and encrypt the given file to the given cipher method. (You can find the repository on the bottom of the page)

The text file before Vigenère ciphering                                                                      The text file after Vigenère ciphering with the key "Key"













How does the simple cipher work under the hood?

Once the simple cipher starts execution it starts by validating the given command line arguments, if those arguments seem to be invalid the program stops running and returns with and prints an error message to the shell. Once the validating is finished we decide which cipher method to use; we decide this on the given arguments. Once decided we run the encryption function that belongs to the given cipher method. In those functions, the program reads the given text file, ciphers it and writes it back to the text file.  


Language: ​C++

Role: Programmer

Teamsize: 1

main function:

Ceasar cipher function:

Vigenère​ cipher function: