Cover Point Generator Tool

Just select the objects you want to use,

select the shape and press Generate!

Easy To Use

Different Shapes

The tool can generate around rectangle and circular shapes

A point won't be placed when the position is unreachable.

Smart Placing

In this video you see the AI take in a tactical position once he engages the player. He is able to do this because of the "Cover Points" placed in the world with the help of this tool.


Engine:  Unreal Engine 4

Language: ​C++

Role: Programmer

Teamsize: 1 Person

The Cover Point Generator Editor Tool creates and places custom actors around your selected actors.


This tool was developed to speed up the level and AI creation process. In this example, the tool placed Actors that were based on the cover point class. The AI used in this example checks the available cover points if they are a tactical position to take cover from the player.

You can find the source code of this tool here!