Ro Zo Sho

Ro Zo Sho is an FPS based in the future. In this project, the core gameplay for the game was already made all we had to do was create al in-game interaction to shape our level.


Engine: ​Unity

Language: ​c#​​​​​

Role: Programmer

Teamsize: 4 people (2 dev's / 4 artists)

My Contribution: 

  • All in level interaction

  • Spotlight following player

  • Door creation tool

  • Game Start

  • Levolution

The game is built by all the students attending the second year at Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht. The game is split up into different levels where each team worked on. 


Our task was to create the prison escape level where the player meets the robot (companion and another playable character) for the first time. And learn how to use the robot to the advantage of the player.