124 is a local multiplayer game created for kids between the age of 6 and 14 years old.
The game is focussed on team work. In other words, the players need to use each other to complete a level. Some examples are: player 2 has to throw player 1 to get to the ladder and the two players can merge into a bigger player(they have to control the bigger player together). So they can demolish obstacles and more.

124 was designed for a festival. That's why the gameplay is around 5-10 minutes so that multiple kids are able to play the game without having them to wait for a long time.

I was the only developer in my team for this project. That meant I programmed everything in this project.

Here is the prototype trailer for 124

Here are some pictures from 124

Additional Information

  • Unity

  • c#

  • 3 people (1 dev / 2 artists)